When someone tells you who they are, believe them.

To everyone saying “give him a chance,” I can’t and I won’t. You say ‘we don’t know what he will do.’ But there’s an adage that I follow, one that is often applied to emotional and physical abusers, that says “When someone tells you who they are, believe them.”
There’s a huge difference between the typical Republican/Democrat divide and what we are seeing here. Republicans and Democrats can and often have come together on divisive issues to find common ground and enact effective and fair policies. But this isn’t small vs large government politics. This isn’t 2000. This is much, much worse.
So far, we have seen a man dismissed by both sides as clueless and stupid (even by Trump himself), a climate change denier and an evolution denier, Ben Carson, will be the Secretary of Education.
And of course Sarah “drill baby drill” Palin , who needs no introduction, has been pegged for Secretary of Interior.
Who better for the Secretary of the Treasury than a Goldman Sach’s executive, someone who was called instrumental in the disaster that helped bring about the 2008 economic depression? Yup, Steven Mnuchin.
And finally, the most frightening one of all. A vicious antisemite, unabashed racist, and misogynist has been appointed Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor. Just wade into the cesspool of Breitbart’s “news” to see the awful headlines Stephen Bannon published. Actually, don’t. It’s a disgusting place and no one should have to see that filth.
So no, I won’t give the new administration a chance. Throughout his campaign Trump used fascist rhetoric, refused to deny an endorsement by David Duke, called Mexicans rapists, bragged about sexual assault, demeaned women at debates, mocked the disabled, etc. He has told us who he is and I believe him.
Now he has chosen to fill his cabinet with a menagerie of the worst kind of extremist politicians. This is how fascism takes root in America. To everyone reading this, to the republicans who say they are not racist and that those on the fringe are a vocal minority; to the democrats who are filled with the small hope that maybe, just maybe things will work out if they just wait and see; to the third-party supporters who hoped their vote would send a message: use your voices now to push back against the radicalism taking root at the heart of our government. Don’t wait for it to go so far that we can’t turn back. Remember the New York Time’s editorial from 1922 that dismissed Hitler’s antisemitism. We can’t let history repeat itself.
We cannot give it a chance.

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